Crawling by streams

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Geotagged photos: 
Photo coordinates: 
Latitude: 48.218875500000
Longitude: 25.177397777778
Date from photo: 
Type of problem: 
Problems of forests
Describe the essence of the problem: 
As part of the Forest War project, the site was inspected, which is located on the territory of the Chernivtsi region near the village of Vyzhenka, Vyzhnytsya district. Enterprise NPP "Vizhnitsky". Vyzhnyts'ke PNDV, quarter 9, division 23-24, coordinates X = 25,16742; U = 48.21832. Type of logging: selective sanitary cutting in 2017. (according to the information on the landing columns) Date of inspection: 10.10.2017 The rolling wolf passes through the mountain stream, which leads to its clogging and water pollution during wood trapping. The stream flows directly into the river
Suggestions for solving the problem: 
Equip the bridge through the specified stream
Т2626, Виженка, Чернівецька область, Україна