Forest felling during felling of forest plantations in the Recklink Forestry of Sokalsky DLHP "Galsillys"

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Geotagged photos: 
Photo coordinates: 
Latitude: 50.259602222222
Longitude: 24.225957222222
Date from photo: 
Type of problem: 
Problems of forests
Describe the essence of the problem: 
The following forest violations were discovered: 1. The general information about the felling is absent in the form adopted by Lviv Oblast State Administration on February 16, 2016 (type of felling, location of the plot, etc.). 2. The absence of the warning sign "Passage and passage is forbidden by the forest roll" in accordance with the Order of the People's Commissariat of Ukraine on Occupational Safety Supervision dated July 13, 2005, No. 119 "On Approval of the Rules for the Protection of Workers for Forestry and Forestry Workers". 3. The contours of the felling area on the results of rolled offshore are beyond the boundaries of the separation and do not coincide
Suggestions for solving the problem: 
1. Install a warning sign on holding the felling. 2. Install an informative plate with information about the cutting. 3. When removing the contours of the cutting unit, the bush is more precise Perform field measurements to avoid unacceptable errors in the future. 4. More precisely define and submit the coordinates of the sawmill. 5. Use the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices in conjunction with electronic mapping of plantations to establish the contours of the forest.