Unmanaged chunks in the forest massif of the Dniester forestry of the Staro-Sambirsk DLGP Galsillys

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Latitude: 49.381184722222
Longitude: 22.762063611111
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Type of problem: 
Problems of forests
Describe the essence of the problem: 
A number of locations (about 50 unauthorized portions trees), as well as a number of locations (up to 5 unauthorized chunks of trees) throughout the forest area - 1, 2, 3 quarters of the Dniester forestry of the Staro-Sambirsk DLHP "Galsillys", with a total of about 140 trees, some of which were recorded by the previous outbound State environmental inspection and law enforcement agencies, the other part was registered on 04.10.2017 by the State Environmental Inspectorate in the presence of representatives of the local community and "Forest Ward".