The Shcherbakovskoye radioactive waste storage facility

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Latitude: 48.310146000000
Longitude: 33.488388000000
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Other environmental problems
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The radioactive waste storage facility at the hydrometallurgical plant (GMZ)  The following technological chain was realized at the plant: development of uranium ore deposits by open and mine methods (accompanied by radioactive dust emissions, dumps, radon gas), production of uranium condensate directly at the plant (accompanied by the formation of a huge amount of radioactive liquid waste). Waste production in the form of pulp was discharged into the tailings pond. As of the end of 2010, the tailing dump n?37.4 million tons of uranium production waste with total activity  3.89 * 1014 Bq.  Tailings storage area - 25 hectares  Distance to the city - 1,5 km
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Pollution is found not only on the surface of the ground, but also penetrates to a depth of up to one meter. Moreover, the content of uranium, thorium, polonium, lead isotopes increases with depth.
Unnamed Road, Кіровоградська область, Україна