School debris on the road!

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Geotagged photos: 
Photo coordinates: 
Latitude: 50.672191611111
Longitude: 33.504058833333
Date from photo: 
Type of problem: 
Garbage dumps
Describe the essence of the problem: 
After cleaning the school grounds, all leaves, including waste from the school dining room, were taken outside the school, and in particular on the territory of the Bobryk River along the Sinokopia Street. It should be noted that there are garbage cans on the school's territory, but the garbage is still carried out beyond its borders. The guide explains this by the fact that the village council does not remove garbage in time. Leaves and garbage are thrown into a large area and covers the road on which villagers go. In addition, this landfill is near residential buildings, and the entire stench is coming to them. Residents
Suggestions for solving the problem: 
To decide on the timely removal of garbage from the school's territory; remove garbage at the river; prohibit the dumping of garbage on this territory !!!
Р60, Бобрик, Сумська область, Україна