Litter dump 100 meters from residential buildings

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Geotagged photos: 
Photo coordinates: 
Latitude: 46.609668800000
Longitude: 32.120901400008
Date from photo: 
Type of problem: 
Garbage dumps
Describe the essence of the problem: 
Already that day smokes dump. Being in the house, there is nothing to breathe. She smoked before, but today especially. To put out is not so easy, the fact is that it is a pile of manure that smolders and judging by the size of it for another week. Nearby is household rubbish and dry grass, which burns well at every opportunity, and then there are vegetable gardens and residential houses. The problem is that such a pile is not one, but others do not smoke yet. Whether they light up themselves or someone deliberately sets fire to, we do not know. In past years, 19 buckets of water were poured on such a pile, but it did not stop smoking, onlyslightly decreased that evening, and the next day a new one. Photographed, visited the village council. The rural head has a vacation from today, his deputy today is not in place. The governor managed to find out that this dump was illegal. There is a landfill site on the general plan, but it is only on the map whether a big question will appear in the next ten years, since cost millions and millions of hryvnias. This year the bulldozer broke, so they couldn’t even do anything (or what they did in previous years). The arrival of the fire according to her is worth a few
С. Александровка, Белозерский р-н, Херсонская область