clogging up a river

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Geotagged photos: 
Photo coordinates: 
Latitude: 50.134663000000
Longitude: 28.685303000000
Date from photo: 
Type of problem: 
Problems of reservoirs
Describe the essence of the problem: 
Zhytomyr-Novoguyvinskoye.Reka Guyva. When clearing the forest (sawing trees), branches and trunks were dumped into the river. The result of such activities: the factors, the spoilage of water by a rotting tree, the appearance of a large number of blue-green algae, the lack of oxygen to fish. Photos can provide. In addition, according to the sister living in the area, there is poaching of crayfish.
Suggestions for solving the problem: 
Find and punish the service that is guilty of the disease of the river. To oblige them to clear the river. I do not know whether there is a forestry there, but if so, then raise the issue of the negligent attitude of the forester to his duties
Unnamed Road, Іванківці, Житомирська область, Україна, 12451